The Ukrainian national commercial channel Inter says it has obtained a seven-year licence from the country’s TV broadcasting regulator.

It adds that the decision “once again confirms that the TV channel Inter complies with all current legislation of Ukraine and works in the legal field”.

Furthermore, it says that the licence will put an end to the scandals around Inter over the last few months, although the political pressure on the channel continues.

Inter refers to 15 lawsuits filed against it in the last few days. “We see these actions as a serious threat to all unbiased media in Ukraine and consider such acts as a crime against freedom of speech, a systematic attack on independent media and direct way to rigid censorship and dictatorship”.

Inter is part of the Inter Media Group, which also includes Inter+, NTN, K1, K2, Enter-film, Mega, ZOOM and Pixel TV in its channel portfolio.

Broadband TV News notes that there were calls for Inter to lose its licence following a New Year’s Even broadcast in 2014 featuring artists who supported the Russian annexation of Crimea.