Sky taps S3 for in-home STB testing

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 04 July 2015

Sky UK has selected S3 Group for a test automation solution to support the pay-TV provider's field engineers.

Sky's Home Service Field Engineers visit over 3 million customers in the UK every year. As in-home technologies become ever more advanced, being able to accurately diagnose a service impacting fault becomes more difficult. The S3 solution allows Sky's field engineers to execute a series of tests on set-top boxes (STBs) in the home, and quickly isolate whether the fault is in the STB hardware, or a problem with the in-home configuration.

"Sky is continuously applying new technology to ensure our customers receive the very best service experience," said Giles Harvey, supply director at Sky. "Getting it right first time is important for customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. S3 Group have provided a reliable solution for Sky's field engineers to efficiently test and resolve device faults during a service visit."