Spainís audiovisual authority CNMC and the Association for Self Regulation of Commercial Communication (AUTOCONTROL) have signed an agreement to jointly promote commercial communication on TV.

Adopted within the framework of the June 4 amendment to the Law 3/2013 entitled Promotion of co-advertising, it sees the CNMC recognise the usefulness of the self-regulation of TV advertising.

In particular, the CNMC welcomes the system of prior consultation managed impartially and independently by AUTOCONTROL. It also states that the CNMC supports the self-regulatory system of TV advertising while performing its duties, including inspection, control and punishment on audiovisual media services.

Other aspects of the agreement include the use of a tool, named Copy Advice and managed by AUTOCONTROL, by TV broadcasters and advertisers.

The agreement will be monitored by a new commission made up three representatives each from the CNMC and AUTOCONTROL.

There is no financial aspect, or obligations, to the agreement.