Bolivian Space Agency taps Gilat for satellite programme

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 07 July 2015

Agencia Boliviana Espacial (ABE), the Bolivian space agency, has placed an initial order with Gilat for a national VSAT platform for its Tupac Katari Satellite Programme.

The deal includes a SkyEdge II-c hub, high-throughput Gemini VSATs, SatCare maintenance and training.

"We have been providing space segment services since April of 2015," explained ABE executive director, Ivan Zambrana. "With our new satellite network in place, we will be able to offer complete connectivity solutions. We believe that Gilat's SkyEdge II-c technology will enable a range of high quality, high throughput services to our customers, making it the perfect match for our Tupac Katari satellite."

"Once ABE launched its own satellite, we enabled them to become a fully integrated satellite operator," added Russell Ribeiro, Gilat LATAM's regional vice president. "The first step was to acquire its own hub and VSATs to serve as the foundation of a nationwide network. The next step is to pursue opportunities together with government agencies, mobile operators and DTH companies for projects including elections, disaster recovery, Internet-to-home and more."