Simulmedia launches SimulX to focus on new TV advertising segments

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 July 2015

Simulmedia has announced the launch of a dedicated team that will specialise in helping advertisers with little or no television advertising experience quickly launch campaigns.

Initial targets for the new SimulX division will be mobile app and game developers. "Mobile app and gaming companies are going to be the next big verticals for the TV advertising industry," said Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's founder and CEO. "No media drives app and gaming downloads, sign-ups and usage like TV, but TV has historically lacked the kind of ROI measurement and optimisation that search and social have offered. Now, SimulX can offer that as well."

SimulX will start by offering short, targeted burst campaigns, specifically developed for the mobile game marketer, with the intent of increasing app store rankings.

"We can help them affordably, and strategically, hit their target market at massive scale very quickly with TV ads through audience targeting that will drive downloads, boost their SEO and app rankings and ultimately lift sales in a tangible way," Morgan said.

To show the impact of these burst campaigns, Simulmedia has partnered with Think Gaming, a provider of app store analytics and market intelligence for mobile games, to determine how TV exposure drives digital actions.

"We are pleased to be breaking new ground with Simulmedia in the world of app marketing," said Tim Ogilvie, Think Gaming's founder. "We all know that app store rankings are impacted by marketing initiatives. But this partnership, tying TV exposures to metrics that are crucial to an app's success, will truly generate new and exciting insights for all of us."

Future iterations of SimulX will include offering quicker, close-to real-time linear TV campaigns; fast optimisation of creative testing based on what is resonating and driving results with certain targets; mobile and online behavioural targeting based in part on viewing habits; and dashboard-delivered attribution reporting and that reveals mobile and online browsing, search, app install and purchase data all driven by TV exposures.