Hulu pays $192MN for South Park rights

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 July 2015

Oh no, they didn't kill Kenny: Hulu has agreed to pay $192 million to Viacom for a three-year extension on its streaming rights for South Park.

Viacom's Comedy Central network will continue to air the animated show for another five years as well. It will share the Hulu licensing money in a 50-50 split with series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, according to the Hollywood Reporter (HR). And that money will underwrite current production costs.

HR said that Stone and Parker will continue to write and direct every episode, with $110 million to go to the creative team over the five-year period.

South Park has had an 18-year show run that will culminate in a 300-episode library.

"Very few shows in the history of television will have made it to 23 seasons," said Lisa Holme, Hulu's VP of content acquisition.

For the OTT service, South Park marks its biggest content deal yet, even bigger than the $160 million it paid for Seinfeld in late April.

Stone may disagree with the nomenclature. "I don't like our stuff being talked about as content," Stone told HR. "Spoons are metal and guns are metal, but they're not the same thing. We don't make content. We make television. And that's now what digital understands it has to pay for."