The showcase channel on which German satellite platform HD+ wants to give viewers an impression of Ultra HD (4K) will launch in September 2015 on Astra (19.2 East).

The line-up will comprise sports, culture, design, nature and other topics, both from professional producers and user generated content, the subsidiary of Astra satellite operator SES announced in Munich.

HD+ will also offer a work experience position to students or young filmmakers giving them the opportunity to produce Ultra HD material each day which will be shown on the showcase channel as well as on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

The access the showcase channel, viewers need an Ultra HD TV set with satellite reception. For the encrypted windows, they will also need an HD+ module or an HD+ Ultra HD receiver with HD+ smartcard. The first HD+ Ultra HD receivers as well as a first Ultra HD TV set with integrated HD+ reception will be presented at consumer electronics fair IFA 2015 in Berlin in September.

220,000 Ultra HD TV sets were sold in Germany in 2014, according to GfK. The market researchers expect 750,000 Ultra HD TV sets to be purchased this year.