The BBC has introduced a new update to its BBC iPlayer Mobile App for Android and iOS devices.

It brings a new consistent menu across both platforms. The current navigation has remained largely unchanged since the app was first introduced. Tom Widd, senior UK designer, BBC iPlayer said now was the right time to improve the navigation between the various areas of the app.

“We know from Google Play Store comments and our user research that the existing use of the overflow button in the Android app is widely missed and not understood. Menu items are hidden away behind this button resulting in large numbers of users not knowing that certain sections of the app existed on the Android platform.”

A new consistent menu bar can now be seen across the top of the screen giving more space for the content itself; tapping on the Menu button, the bar itself or swiping down from the bar will open the menu, giving users a quick access point for Channels, Categories, TV Guide and Favourites.

There are also plans to make channel and category switching even easier as well as developing and testing different types of hinting to aid discovery of the gesture based interactions.