Terrestrial services are growing in popularity in the Czech Republic, with almost half (48%) of households using them as the main source of TV reception.

In total, according to research by Digimonitor for the national transmission company Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRa), terrestrial services are watched in 59% of Czech households.

Commenting on the results of the research, Martin Gebauer, CRa’s director, called for a fast transition to DVB-T2 with a schedule that guarantees long-term stability for DTT and at least the same coverage for viewers as today, along with the easiest transition to a modern generation of TV broadcasting.

The research also found that 54% of households had two or three TV receivers, with the average age of those receivers up to five years in two-thirds (67%) of the total. Only 8% of TVs were older than 10 years.

Over half (55%) of households planned to buy a new set within five years, with the total rising to 93% by 2021.

Broadband TV News notes that the Czech Republic still has one of the lowest pay-TV penetration rates among developed CEE markets.

Its DTT service only offers a comprehensive range of FTA channels.