A2 Media, the sales house for Russia’s leading pay-TV platform Tricolor TV, has entered into an agreement with Alcazar Media, its counterpart at Gazprom Media.

As a result, reports Vedomosti, Tricolor TV will now be able to sell advertising on Gazprom Media’s channels NTV and TNT.

Tricolor TV had 11 million subscribers in Q1 this year and has had advertising agreements in place with thematic channels in place since 2012.

Although the one with NTV and TNT, which are both federal (national) service, will widen its reach and increase revenues, it is described as a ‘pilot’.

Tricolor TV’s revenues in 2014 amounted to R10.4 billion (€165.2 million), or 28% more than a year earlier.

It is not known how much came from ad sales.