Primacom, Germany’s fourth largest cable operator, has considerably stocked up its contracts with the housing industry in the first half of 2015.

Leading municipal and commercial housing companies transferred the TV, telephony and internet provision for around 12,000 households from other providers to Primacom. For further 55,000 households Primacom renewed its existing contracts for around 10 to 15 years.

Primacom CEO Joachim Grendel attributes the increase to the company’s strategic focus on the housing industry: “In 2014, we took over deutschetelekabel, the sixth largest cable operator at the time, which, like Primacom, has a strong foothold in the housing industry. We have not extinguished deutschetelekabel’s valuable name as it is usually the case following acquisitions in the cable market, but consequently extended it as a strategic spearhead for our business with the housing industry.”

“We also managed to win excellent and experienced new employees and managers including Jean-Pascal Roux who has been heading our housing industry sales department since August 2014,” Grendel added.

Primacom expects continued growth of its contracts with the housing industry in the second half of this year. The company also wants to continue investing into the upgrade of its infrastructure: The technical extension of 500 network hubs throughout the summer months will create capacity for additional digital TV services.

In Berlin and surroundings, Primacom currently upgrades its networks for future internet download speeds of around 500Mbps.