Vod.pl, player.pl and ipla.tv remain by far the most popular legal on demand services in Poland.

However, reports Wirtualne Media, quoting research by Megapanel PBI/Gemius, there were significant changes in their performance in the year to April 2015.

For instance, vod.pl, which is operated by Onet and the market leader, lost 350,300 users, had 5.09 million fewer views and was watched 1:09 minutes less in April than a year earlier.

TVNís Player.tv, on the other hand, gained 263,900 users, 5.8 million more views and was watched 56:34 minutes less in the same period.

Meanwhile, Cyfrowy Polsatís ipla.tv gained 66.200 users, 6.25 million views and 55:37 minutes more viewing time.

However, the ipla app fared less well, losing 355,700 users and 332,200 activated apps over the year.

What was particularly significant was the growth in popularity of the public broadcasterís on demand service TVP.pl, which gained 608,700 users and 10.4 million views over the year.

Overall, vod.pl had 3.38 million users in April, followed by player.pl with 1.97 million, ipla.tv with 1.44 million and TVP.pl with 1.18 million.