The turnover of pay-TV and video-on-demand operators in Germany has grown by 8% to €2.22 billion in 2014 compared with last year (2013: €2.05 billion).

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the turnover reached a total of €2.4 billion. The figures were released by VPRT, the German commercial broadcasters’ industry association, in its new study Pay-TV in Deutschland 2015.

In 2015, VPRT expects turnover to grow by 7% to €2.4 billion in Germany and to €2.6 billion in the German-speaking markets.

Pay-TV-Subscribers_DACH_2008-2014_enThe increase is mainly based on considerably risen subscriber figures. The number of pay-TV customers climbed by 10% to 7 million in Germany and 7.7 million in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2014. VPRT expects further subscriber growth in 2015: For the first time, more than 20% of German households will then have a pay-TV subscription.

The average viewer market share of pay-TV channels in German households rose to 2.7% in the first half of 2015 (1st half of 2014: 2.2%).

90 pay-TV channels can currently be subscribed to in Germany: 40 in the entertainment genre followed by sports (15), documentaries (15), music (10) and children (10).

The pay-TV channels invested a total of more than €1 billion into their programming in 2014 with an increasing amount spent on original productions.