Mobile video spikes in US over 4th of July weekend

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 14 July 2015

In an example of shifting consumer viewing patterns, the 4th of July weekend in the US saw mobile video traffic increase approximately 89% compared to the previous month.

In contrast, there was approximately a 24% decrease in video PC traffic from the previous seven days.

The results, from Videology Research, shows the potential effect of the fact that this weekend is generally associated with greater travel and outdoor activities. So, Americans appear to be taking a best-screen-available approach to their video viewing needs.

"There is typically a decline in online traffic over holidays due to additional activities and travel," said Aleck Schleider, Videology's North American vice president of data and analytics. "This data shows that mobile now fills the gap, allowing advertisers using a cross-screen approach to video to maintain a seamlessly marketing experience."

Videology found that in response to these shifts, demand for mobile video advertising is outpacing overall video advertising increases. The number of total video ad impressions doubled year-over-year (as of May 2015), while the number of mobile video impressions increased 17 times.

Videology cites several key reasons for this massive growth in mobile. First, the growth in mobile consumption among Americans, particularly millennials, has driven more advertisers to explore multi-screen campaigns incorporating the second screen. This is particularly important when targeting the elusive 18-34 demographics, where mobile over-performs substantially compared to PC coverage.

Mobile video shows a higher concentration of audience in each 21-34 age break for both men and women. For instance, the average mobile video campaign indexes at 215 among men 21-24, compared to 148 on PC video campaigns. An index of 100 means that the number of impressions delivered is on par with a given age group's share of the overall population.

In addition to demographic targeting, there are increasing opportunities to use more advanced targeting data in mobile, which is important for holistic, cross-screen planning and buying.

Videology data shows that the number of mobile video impressions with advanced targeting attributes has increased 13 times from January 2015 to May 2015 for all campaigns run through its platform.

"While mobile usage among consumers has been escalating for some time, this year has been a tipping point in terms of advertisers' use of mobile video. Mobile video's targeting capabilities are becoming more robust, and insights into mobile's contributions to cross-screen campaigns are deepening," added Schleider. "Overall, mobile offers an incredible opportunity for video advertisers in terms of brand safety, viewability and efficiency. Advertisers are discovering empirically that the proper allocation of mobile added to the overall mix of screens results in greater ROI."