Kabel Deutschland taps IneoQuest for real-time online video visibility

DetailsEditor | 14 July 2015

Looking to boost video quality and audience engagement, Kabel Deutschland (KD) has deployed IneoQuest's audience measurement platform for adaptive streaming and the complementary endpoint analytics SDK.

With the new cloud-based video intelligence platform, Germany's largest cable TV operator will be able to anonymously gather, analyse, filter and report operational and behavioural metrics directly from playback devices and network monitoring elements, giving it real-time visibility into the customer playback experience. This means that it will be able to know when service issues occur, how the audience reacts to those issues, and help identify the cause. This, says IneoQuest, allows KD to deliver the best customer experience possible across all endpoint devices.

"At Kabel Deutschland, we focus on providing quality subscriber viewing experiences. In order to know if we are meeting viewer expectations, it is critical that we measure the quality we are delivering in real time, across our networks," explained Bernd Hansen, team leader, service management at Kabel Deutschland. "IneoQuest has been helping us do that in our cable infrastructure, and now with AMP we can extend that quality intelligence to our mobile device viewers. With AMP integrated in the device we can now anonymously measure key playback parameters in fine detail and can make informed business decisions based on that."