German cable operator Primacom uses the summer months to upgrade its cable network to offer viewers more digital and high-definition TV channels as well as faster internet access.

At around 500 central network hubs of Primacom’s cable network throughout Germany, technicians will install new transmission and reception components. For viewers, TV reception will therefore be interrupted for a short time.

The works will be carried out in the early morning hours from 3.00 CET or during daytime, but not during TV primetime in the evening or while important global political developments or sports events take place.

Some TV channels will subsequently change their frequencies. Internet download speeds will be increased to 500Mbps – first in Berlin and surroundings, later in other regions.

To make room for the new services, analogue TV channels will be removed. Primacom thereby orientates itself on the results of its recent study about analogue viewers and will switch off the channels which this viewer group (typically older generation, female, low TV interest) doesn’t watch much.

“Today, more than 70% of TV households on our networks already prefer digital TV reception with demand rising through the large penetration of flat-screen TV sets,” Primacom’s CTO Ludwig Modra said in Leipzig. “We are therefore happy that we will be able to considerably expand our digital offering soon.”