Netflix subscriber figures grew by almost 3.3 million in the second quarter, with the company ending June with over 42 million in the US and 23 million internationally.

In its latest set of results, Netflix expects to gain another 3.55 million in this quarter and reach a total of 69.1 million by the end of September.

International streaming revenues in Q2 were, at $455 million, almost half the $1,026 million posted in the US, with the gap set to narrow further in Q3.

However, while the US operation made a profit of $340 million in the second quarter, international was in the red by $92 million.

Netflix believes that its strong subscriber growth in Q2, which was almost double the 1.7 million posted in the same period on 2013, was fuelled by the growing strength of its original programming slate.

Most of the subscriber growth (2.4 million of the 3.3 million) in Q2 was international despite Netflix not adding any new markets during the quarter.

It projects its international total to grow by a further 2.4 million in Q3.

Netflix is planning launches in Spain and Japan in Q3 and Italy and Portugal in Q4.

China is among the markets it aims to enter in 2016.