BRB launches Animakids on YouTube

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17 July 2015

Spain's BRB Internacional has launched a new platform on YouTube, taking its multi-platform website for kids' content,, to the world's most used online video portal, extending its presence on the platform and broadening its offer.

The Animakids channel on YouTube made its premiere with various compilations of its own recent productions such as Bernard, Suckers, Angus&Cheryl, as well as episodes of in-demand series like Iron Kid, Qumi-Qumi and Shaman's Quest from Toonbox. According to the Spanish company, the YouTube channel will regularly refresh its content with new titles.

" continues growing as a global family entertainment portal, just as we promised at its launch," said Marijo Arnáiz, director of digital media at BRB Internacional. "Now, Animakids adds its name to the other 22 channels that BRB has on YouTube which draw more than 40 million viewers each month in total. And besides that, the new channel brings with it the incorporation of outside productions, a logical step since we are YouTube cartoon aggregators on a global level".