Mexico's booming mobile broadband access drives video growth

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 20 July 2015

Closing Q1 2015 with 24 million mobile data connections up 40% compared with last year Mexico is showing great growth in mobile broadband consumption, with mobile video being watched by one in three connected Mexicans.

ciumexicoFollowing figures published by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU), rocketing purchases of smartphones and tablets and new consumption habits through apps and over-the-top (OTT) platforms have driven increasing mobile data access in the country, with one in five Mexicans using mobile data packages.

Indeed, during Q1 2015, 41% of telcos' incomes in Mexico were generated by Internet-related services, surpassing voice services for the first time.

Communication services are the most used, with 83% of mobile data consumers using their devices to check the social media, and 80% using them to chat. Video is also among the most popular services, with 36% of Mexicans with access to mobile broadband consuming online video.

However, most users (84%) still have a low consumption profile and use under 1Gb data per month, although Wi-Fi accesses are not analysed in the report. Almost one in ten uses between 1-3Gb and 7% use more than 3Gb, most of these streaming a lot of videos and music.