Delhi tax hike starts hitting cable, satellite TV viewers

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 20 July 2015

An increase in the tax imposed on cable and direct-to-home television services and cinemas in Delhi, comes into effect today (20 July).

The proposal to increase entertainment tax from 20% to 40% was tabled by Aam Admi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in Assembly in June, and the government has now notified its decision.

"Watching movies in cinema halls in Delhi will be costlier from 20 July as government has issued the notification in this regard," a senior government official told the Press Trust of India.

The All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF) said the doubling of entertainment tax would be an added burden to the public, for whom TV is the main source of entertainment.

"The said proposal of Delhi Government is like giving a piece of bread with right hand and snatching back the same from left hand. AIDCF strictly condemns the proposed hike," said the cable TV organisation.