The deadline for bids for the Serbian broadcaster Studio B has been extended to August 3.

Studio B is wholly owned by the city of Belgrade and, as previously reported in Broadband TV News, is being offered at a starting price of €528,626, based of its capitalisation at the end of 2014.

The original deadline for bids was July 27, and as was then the case, they will be opened two days after the new one on August 3.

According to Mondo, Belgrade’s city assembly has adopted a decision to sell Studio B for 51% of its estimated value if it is not privatised by November 1.

However, it adds that Sinasa Mali, the mayor of Belgrade, says that there are already several potential buyers for Studio B and he expects it to be privatised.

The sale of Studio B is part of a general public media privatisation process in Serbia, the deadline for which has been extended from July 1 to October 1.