EUTELSAT 8 West B ready for 20 August launch

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 21 July 2015

The EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite has arrived at the European spaceport in French Guiana and is now in the final stages of preparation.

8076412766 897e82f91c kSet for launch by an Ariane 5 rocket to the 7/8° West position on 20 August, the new craft is a key element in Eutelsat's expansion in growing broadcast markets in the Middle East and North Africa. It will host Eutelsat and Nilesat satellites and act as the point of reference for TV viewing in over 52 million homes from Morocco to the Gulf.

Built for Eutelsat by Thales Alenia Space, the 5.8 tonne satellite is equipped with 40 operational Ku-band transponders optimised to serve its DTH markets in North Africa and the Middle East. It will also introduce a C-band mission of ten operational transponders connected to a footprint covering the African continent and reaching west to South America. The craft will also allow broadcasters to deliver HDTV today and Ultra HD in the future.

The satellite will go into full commercial service early October following checks to validate its performance in orbit.