Maker Studios to shut down Blip

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 21 July 2015

Disney-owned Maker Studios said that it will shut down its Blip online video service on 20 August 2015, and has encouraged users to export their videos.

Founded in 2005, Blip was a first home for video bloggers, reaching 900,000 online video publishers on its platform at its height. YouTube has largely overtaken the site however, and it would appear that Maker has decided that the subsidiary doesn't hold the value that it thought that it did when it acquired it in 2013.

As Variety pointed out: "Maker at the time painted the acquisition as a first step to build out a distribution platform capable of competing with YouTube." Those hopeful days are certainly long gone, judging by an email that Maker sent to Blip users.

"As you may know, Blip was acquired by Maker Studios in September 2013 and the acquisition has allowed for additional, more expansive direct-to-consumer tools and products for content creators across the network," Maker said. "We encourage you to apply to the Maker Gen network if you have a YouTube channel to take advantage of Maker's tools and services."