Romania’s telco market is dominated by the multinationals Orange and Vodafone, along with the local company RCS&RDS.

Quoting a study by, reports that their combined market share in 2014 amounted to 80%.

It adds although Orange Romania had the largest turnover (RON4.3 billion, or €0.9 billion), and net profit (RON403.6 million), the latter was down from RON500.8 million a year earlier. On the other hand, the turnover was RON17.6 million higher.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Romania was in second place with a turnover of RON3.1 billion and profit of RON158.6 million.

However, its turnover was down by RON147.9 million on a year earlier and profits by 60%, or RON272.1 million.

RCS&RDS registered an increase in turnover – up by RON210.3 million to RON2.3 billion, though it also had a loss of RON71 million in 2014.

Interestingly, both Orange and Vodafone shed employees in 2014, while RCS&RDS added to its total and ended the year with four times as many as its competitors.

Although no data on Telekom was available, the study says it may gain market share this year at the expense of its rivals.