Rocketing quint-play arrives in fifth of Spanish homes

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 July 2015

Fixed phone, broadband, mobile phone and mobile data, and pay-TV: almost 20% of the Spanish population have already decided to subscribe to every telecom service at home with a single operator, making 2014 the year of quintuple-play growth and consolidation in Spain.

According to the latest figures published by Spain's Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC), the market share of homes with quintuple play
packages has grown by 300% compared to 2013, when the service was almost non-existent.

However, double- and triple-play services have seen a fall in numbers, with the triple-play option without mobile services being the least used package, only chosen by 1.9%.

Figures from 2014 showed that quad- and quint-play packages have more than eight million subscribers across Spain, driving pay-TV, which is the business which has benefited most among the telecom services.

With more packaged services comes more expense, with the average price for quint-play being over €56.10 per month per family and quadruple play costing €38.10.

Still, despite there being an official definition from the CNMC, there is controversy regarding what quintuple-play packages actually comprise, as Spain's largest telco, Telefónica, announced in May the launch of the first 'real' quint-play offer including home security and smart-home features.