Dutch IPTV provider Glashart Media has added direct access to the Videoland VOD service to its Android and iOS apps.

Customers can now access content from the Videoland library directly on the app and choose on whichever screen they want to view the TV series and movies.

Dutch developer Stoneroos has combined its EPGdata.tv product with the on demand catalogue, making it an even more complete solution.

The app is a white label product from Stoneroos; the TV Companion App. With the smooth navigation and the clear and bright design itís very easy for users to find their favourite film or series and play it on the TV. Previously, it was only possible to search for films and series on the interface of the TV itself.

Apart from the app, all Glashart Media products use the enriched EPGdata of Stoneroos, which includes services and products such as images, social media links and other relevant information.

With the addition of the VOD library in the apps, the cooperation between Glashart Media and Stoneroos has extended even further and made the app even more complete.