EBS takes EPG data feed to Euronews Mexico

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 23 July 2015

In its first move into the Latin American market, UK-based provider of electronic programme guide (EPG) data for broadcasters, EBS, is delivering EPG data for the Euronews service in Mexico on DISH.

PAWAIn keeping with its existing operations across multiple platforms in 158 countries, Euronews Mexico provides rolling news channel broadcasts. In order to simplify the task of delivering EPG data, details of the EPG file format are received directly from DISH, then set up in EBS' EPG software solution, Pawa. The solution provides a simple click-once-send-to-many approach that allows EBS to begin sending EPG data for DISH, in addition to the various other platforms already receiving Euronews schedules.

"With the growing amount of choice now available to audiences, it's ever more critical to enable our viewers to easily discover our various news programmes," said Renate Hufsky, deputy head of distribution, Euronews. "Having worked with EBS in our other territories, we know that it has both the accuracy and expertise to provide us with the right solution, as well as being able to quickly adapt our EPG requirements as and when required."

"We're delighted to announce the expansion of our services with Euronews into the Latin American market." added Keith Bedford, managing director, EBS. "Taking a channel's EPG data to a new territory can be challenging, which is why we provide an outsourced solution that smoothes the way for broadcasters."