Irdeto, Samsung, SMiT launch D2TV system in Indonesia

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 23 July 2015

Subscribers to Indonesia's Transvision TV can now tune into its digital content without a set-top box, instead using a combination of USB-based content management technology from SMiT and Irdeto with a Samsung television set.

The innovative delivery of the pay-TV service works through the integration of Irdeto's Keys & Credentials service and conditional access system (CAS) and SMiT's USB conditional access module (CAM) with certain Samsung TVs (models 32J4120, 40J5120 and 48J5120), which do not need IP connectivity.

"We are pleased to be working with partners like Irdeto, Samsung and SMiT, to bring the world's first set-top box-free broadcast D2TV (Direct-2-TV) system to consumers in Indonesia, a promising market that is rapidly growing and highly competitive and where its population's income per capita is constantly rising," said Hengkie Liwanto, CEO, Transvision.

"This partnership provides operators like ourselves excellent mobility to introduce a pay-TV service to customers who want a simple to use solution and still receive great content."

Transvision is offering instalment-based incentives for subscribers to take advantage of the new D2TV system.

"We are excited to work with Transvision in delivering the first pay-TV service that is integrated directly to the TV and we believe that through a strong integrated partnership with Samsung and SMiT, Transvision will be one of the leading providers in the industry. They are not just first in Indonesia but first in the world to offer something as unique as this," said Bengt Jonsson, vice president, sales, APAC, Irdeto.