Gen X households boost OTT viewing over big screen

DetailsEditor | 23 July 2015

Research from GfK has confirmed the long-held view that it is the younger generations who are the driving force of the over-the-top (OTT) revolution.

gfk Home Tech InfogGfK's Home Technology Monitor reveals that households with at least one member of Generation X (roughly ages 35 to 49), and those where children (ages 17 and under) are present, are much more likely to stream video and view other content using an Internet-connected device attached to a TV. In addition just more than half (54%) of homes with kids view OTT content on a TV set, compared with a national average of 40% of all TV households. Child households are also significantly more likely than those without kids to be using all four key devices defined as an Internet-connected smart TV, an Internet-connected Blu-ray player, an Internet-connected VGS console or Internet-connected media player to watch OTT on a set.

In what firmly establishes OTT as a mainstream household pursuit, the research also showed that using streaming video is now the third most common online activity, behind social networking and online shopping. Streaming is more prevalent than listening to music online, instant messaging and Internet gaming.

"The old stereotype of an OTT viewer hunched over a laptop or tablet is very much out of date," commented David Tice, senior VP in GfK's media and entertainment practice. "Rapid adoption of smart TVs and digital media players over the past three years has pushed OTT to the biggest screens in the home, with attendant expectations from consumers that OTT quality should be as good as regular TV service, and as easy to use as mobile OTT options."