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    Need help/info

    I have the following,
    Telestar/Digistar Ci Receiver with an Aston cam which i use to use to watch football films etc a few years ago, i got codes sent to me on a monthly basis to unlock channels on Hotbird and Astra.
    I have contacted the person who sold me the receiver etc but he wants a fortune to upgrade the card and to start sending me codes again and i think all he really wants to do is rip me off so i am hoping someone can give me some advise as to what i can do to get the system up and running again.
    Many thanks Robo

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    Re: Need help/info

    Your best bet would to be to buy a Dragon CAM or one of the Matrix CAMs. I have used a Matrix Reloaded CAM with my Diginova 2 CI and it allows you to enter the new codes through the remote control. An even easier way of updating the Matrix Reloaded CAM is to use (or borrow) a laptop to reprogram the CAM using the PCMCIA slot.
    I hope this helps.

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    Smile Patch?

    So you have the same Receiver as I have!
    Do you know any possibility to patch it?

    Kind regards

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