Video streaming drives mobile data demand in Argentina

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 25 July 2015

Over-the-top (OTT) and streaming video platforms are increasing Argentinians' demand for mobile data, with smartphones nearly the most connected devices along with laptops and computers, according to a new report on online habits.

dispositivosconectadosConsultancy firm Carrier y Asociados points out that Internet access is no longer dominated by computers as mobile devices are growing in popularity, thus causing more demand for data packages. HD and upcoming 4K video in streaming are making each user consume more and more data.

Computers remain the most used device, and 94% of connected Argentinians have one at home. Smartphones (88% have one) are the second preferred screen, followed by tablets (30%), smart TVs (15%) and consoles (12%). On average, each person uses 2.4 devices to connect to the Internet.

According to the analysts note, video streaming is the best example of how demand is evolving, as in a few years it has evolved from standard definition to HD and 4K resolution, which many of the latest mobile device not only can play but record in.

“There are no signs this trend is going to stop soon. On the contrary, it will speed up,” the analyst's note pointed out. “Internet Service Providers know the higher demand will need more homes connected to fibre. And a technological upgrade will require huge investments, thus affecting pricing.”