The Spanish regulator CNMC has fined Telefónica and DTS a total of €15.5 million for the marketing of football broadcasting rights.

In a statement, the CNMC says that DTS favoured Telefónica to other operators in the acquisition of the Canal+ league and Champions League audiovisual rights for the seasons 2012/2013 to 2014/2015.

It adds that the size of the fines (€10 million in the case of Telefónica and €5.5 million for DTS) relates to the size of the markets and the effect it had on them during the period in question.

In both cases, they are significantly less than 1% of the companies’ turnover in 2014.

Telefónica gained sole control of DTS in April this year when it acquired 55% of the shares in the company it did not already own.

The CNMC approved the commitments that came with the deal, including that the two companies would make their premium channels available to other parties.

Telefónica and DTS have two months to appeal and the fines.