Piracy undertaken by over one in five Brazilian pay-TV subs

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28 July 2015

Brazil, Latin America's largest pay-TV market which is set to lead the industry in the coming years, accounts for nearly six million pirate or under-reported connections, representing over 20% of the entire sector.

This is according to the latest report from Business Bureau which shows Brazil having nearly 26 million subscribers, while official figures point to only about 20 million. According Business Bureau, this difference in numbers is mainly due to its analysis including pirate subs and under-reported practices, ie subscribers who are not correctly reported by the operators.

The report also shows that each pay-TV operation has, on average, 178 channels, most of which are digital signals broadcast through satellite.

After analysing over 18,000 operators across the country, America Movil's NET was found to have a 32% market share, followed by SKY DIRECTV (29%), Claro TV (19%), Oi (7%) and GVT (5%). These figures don't take into account the share of the country's new operator, created through Telefonica's buyout of GVT.