Silverline TV, the German pay-TV channel for horror, action and Asian movie fans, has acquired films and series packages from rights dealers Splendid Film and Koch Media.

From August 2015, the channel will screen weekly TV premiers such as Rampage 1+2 from director Uwe Boll, horror films like VHS, Asian productions like Kundo and award-winning dramas like Five Minutes of Heaven starring Liam Neeson.

The autumn schedule will contain movies like Dead Snow 1+2, Juan of the Dead, Mad Circus and Amer.

Silverline TV also secured the rights to the complete Masters of Horror franchise. The channel which previously only showed movies will air one of the 26 episodes each Thursday at 20.15 CET from October 8, 2015. The classic series was directed by genre stars such as John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, Dario Argento and Tobe Hooper. The second season will be screened from early 2016.

Silverline TV was recently purchased by Munich-based media entrepreneur Ralph Piller who wants to expand the channel, for example through new movie rights packages, as he revealed to Broadband TV News.