Competition in Slovakia’s mobile TV market is intensifying, with the incumbent just having significantly improved its offer.

According to Zive, Slovak Telekom’s Magio Go Premium service now consists of 50 channels following the addition of France 24, Sport 1, Sport 2, Nova Sport, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Minimax, Disney, Megamax, FilmBox, AXN, AMC, Spectrum, Spectrum Home and TV Paprika to the line-up.

Magio Go Premium costs viewers €5.99 a month to receive, while the Magio Go service, consisting of 12 basic channels, is free to Magio subscribers but otherwise costs €3.99 a month.

Mobile TV services are also provided in Slovakia by UPC (Horizon Go), Orange, Antik Telekom and Swan, with Satro also set to soon enter the market.