Launching the channel 4K Funbox UHD will be a big technical challenge for Kino Polska TV, according to Boguslaw Kisielewski, the latterís president.

Speaking to Wirtualne Media he added that securing content for the channel, which will make its debut this autumn, is very difficult, with documentaries being the least problematic to source. At present, 4K Funbox UHDís programme library amounts to around 100 hours.

4K Funbox UHD was trialed at ANGA earlier this summer and is currently available unencrypted on Hot Bird. It can also be viewed on a test basis on Vodafone Portugalís IPTV platform TV Net Voz.

4K Funbox UHD will be ad free and funded solely by subscriptions.

SPI International is currently in discussions about the distribution of 4K Funbox UHD in a number of countries including the US, UK, France, Poland and Russia.