Paywizard is to receive £3.5 million in funding from the Scottish Loan Fund as the subscriber management firm looks to develop international sales of its software and services.
The company recently announced its launch into the Asia Pacific market and now plans to target Africa and South America.

As part of the process Paywizard has hired industry veteran Andrew Burke, known for roles that include CEO of Amino Technologies and CEO of BT Entertainment, which ultimately morphed into BT TV.

Burke took over as chairman last Friday (July 24) after nine months with Paywizard. The opportunity is to take the knowledge learnt in the UK, where Paywizard has served customers including Setanta and BT Sport, and take it internationally.

He told Broadband TV News that Paywizard had developed a technology that sat alongside a database that was able to signal potential churn from what was effectively the science of pay-TV.

“People need to own their customers, watch their brand, watch their behaviours,” he said. “Customers are still loyal and if you focus on a great service they’re not going to move”.
The advantage of IP-delivered services in particular is that it is possible to monitor viewing and when it decreases.