Belgian cable operator Telenet now services 2,181,400 customers relationships, approximately 75% of the
2,926,000 homes passed.

Of these 2,063,800 are video subscribers, 1,543,400 broadband internet subscribers and 1,187,500 fixed-line telephony RGUs. Approximately 82% of the video subscribers had upgraded to the cabler’s “enhanced video platform” (its digital TV service) at the Q2 2015 quarter-end.

Subscribers to Telenet’s total basic digital video services decreased by 7,600 (H1 2015: 19,500) to 2,063,800 at June 30, 2015.The net organic subscriber loss in Q2 2015 was back in-line with the average
churn witnessed in previous quarters after the increase in Q1 2015, which reflected the anticipated impact from the January 2015 price adjustments, the operator said.

“The aforementioned organic loss rate excludes migrations to our enhanced video service and represents customers churning to competitors’ platforms, such as other digital television, OTT and satellite providers, or customers terminating their television service or having moved out of our service footprint.”

At June 30, 2015, Telenet served 1,693,900 enhanced video customers. At June 30, 2015, approximately 21% of the enhanced video subscribers were actively using the Yelo Play TV Everywhere app.

At the end of Q2, subscription VOD packages Play and Play More had 220,900 customers, up a 25% compared to Q1 2015 and driven in part by temporary promotions. At June 30, 2015, 203,700 customers subscribed to the sports pay television channels.