German media group ProSiebenSat.1 increased its revenues by 11.8% to €772.5 million in Q2 2015 (Q2 2014: €691.1 million).

Recurring EBITDA rose by 8.4% to €237.6 million (Q2 2014: €219.1 million). The company also made further progress in the implementation of its diversification strategy: In Q2 2015, ProSiebenSat.1 generated 36.2% of its revenues outside the TV advertising business (Q2 2014: 30.5%).

“In the second quarter of 2015, all segments grew profitably and we are pushing full steam ahead with our growth strategy. Our most important goal remains making ProSiebenSat.1 more competitive and tapping into new growth markets via digitalisation and internationalisation,” CEO Thomas Ebeling said in Munich. “Free TV is the driving force of our digital business and offers us the opportunity to market products to an audience of millions at little financial cost.”

The number of viewers paying for reception of ProSiebenSat.1’s advertising-funded TV channels in HD quality rose by 19% to 5.7 million (Q2 2014: 4.8 million). ProSiebenSat.1 expects this figure to climb to over nine million by 2018.