Worldwide 4K TV shipments are expected to exceed 30 million units this year.

According to a report by Futuresource Consulting, this will represent an increase of 147% despite an overall fall of 2% in TV sales.

Global TV sales rose in 2014 by 3% to reach 235 million units, with
trade value up to $94 billion. However, the TV market landscape remained varied across the globe, with Latin America and Europe enjoying growth, the latter by 3%, and APAC a reduction despite still account for the most shipments (37%). With saturation in many countries in APAC relatively low, growth is expected to return in coming years.

Looking specifically at 2015, Futuresource expects global trade to fall by 3% to $91 billion, due mainly to economic problems in China and Russia, as well as in many European markets. It nevertheless adds that the decline will not last, with strong growth in curved screens predicted this year, helped by growth in the 4K market, and smart TV continuing to increase its market share, though not at the pace previously anticipated.

Jack Wetherill, senior market analyst, Futuresource Consulting, said: “Although we expect to see a decrease in worldwide shipments in 2015, Futuresource expects the TV market to recover well in the longer term.

“In the coming years Futuresource believes that replacement demand will increase with sets bought at the start of flat panel boom being upgraded. Also, the shift in consumer preference to larger screen sizes will help the performance of 4K sets.”