Civolution completes Teletrax sale to 4C, focuses on forensic watermarking



| 31 July 2015

Content management and monetisation firm Civolution has completed the acquisition by 4C of Teletrax, its TV analytics and TV synced advertising business.

In practical terms the full complement of Teletrax staff comprising approximately 70 employees, located across Eindhoven, The Netherlands, London, New York and Los Angeles, monitoring infrastructure covering more than 2,100 channels across 76 countries will now merge with the similarly sized 4C as it looks to deliver social and TV advertising and cross-screen marketing campaigns.

Managing partner of Civolution's investor Prime Ventures, Sake Bosch, has joined 4C's board of directors while Civolution CEO, Alex Terpstra, remains on the Civolution board and also joining 4C where he assumes the position of managing director, EMEA. Harrie Tholen, SVP sales and marketing at Civolution's NexGuard business, now becomes MD of NexGuard, taking over the day-to-day management.

Losing its audio watermarking and Teletrax businesses will now enable Civolution management and its R&D resources to focus entirely on content protection through its NexGuard forensic watermarking business. This sees use helping media companies fight content piracy in post-production, digital cinema, pay-TV, VOD or over-the-top (OTT) streaming.

"This exit of the Teletrax business unit marks a fantastic opportunity for 4C and Teletrax, who share a vision for the future of advertising and offer best-in-class software solutions," said Civolution chief executive Terpstra. "Teletrax clients will enjoy 4C's unique ability to unlock the power of social connections in driving advertising effectiveness, while 4C clients gain access to our patented real-time TV analytics and TV synced advertising offerings. This milestone furthermore enables Civolution to be even more laser-focused on its industry leading NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions against the illegal re-distribution of content, the greatest piracy threat facing the content industry today."