Proximus (formerly Belgacom) has seen its TV home base grow with 35,000 TV subscriptions, increasing the total TV customer base to 1,692,000.

The company said that it is now “reinventing its TV experience. “After the launch of TV Replay, allowing customers to watch TV programmes they’ve missed, and the availability of Netflix directly via the Proximus TV menus, Proximus is again pioneering TV in Belgium. By launching a new TV interface and SwipeBox later this year, Proximus will reinvent the way people watch TV and, once more, push the limits of television so that viewers can watch the content they want, wherever and whenever they want, on the device of their choice.”

Proximus will aos launch a new TV App that will ensure the same experience on smartphones and tablets, while transforming these devices into virtual remote controls.

Proximus is also launching the SwipeBox, an innovative and easy-to-use solution allowing customers to instantly share personal content (e.g. pictures) and internet content (e.g. videos) with family and friends by displaying the content from a smartphone or tablet onto a TV screen, for experiencing new moments together.