Mediaset issues complaint as RTVE buys exclusive La Liga highlights rights


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 03 August 2015

While the battle for La Liga broadcasting rights in Spain seems to be taking place on the pay-TV field this year, with Telefónica and Mediapro managing the rights, the country's free-to-air (FTA) TV companies are having to compete on a lower level with RTVE having just secured exclusive rights for every match's recap and highlights.

For next season, the public channel will own the extensive recaps of every game from La Liga BBVA and Copa del Rey within Spain, meaning other FTA groups will only have access to the very short highlights the football organisation is forced to deliver to every network.

RTVE presented the highest offer to La Liga but, due to its delicate financial situation and public support, Mediaset has officially complained about the process.

"Giving exclusivity over La Liga's recaps to RTVE limits the right to information for the other networks, which are only entitled to broadcast 90 seconds of La Liga games," said the group in a public statement. "Mediaset is opposed to exclusivity of TVE, which has managed to present the highest bid but with public money."

However, the broadcasting rights aren't exclusive this year, as Telefónica, the rights owner in Spain, has been forced to sell whatever content other operators' request. The telco has already sold La Liga rights to its two biggest pay-TV competitors, Vodafone and Orange.