Interference from 4G signals threatens DTT reception in up to 4 million Spanish homes.

According to El Economista, the most susceptible ones are those not served by collective antennas, such as villas, townhouses or buildings with one or only a few households.

They were also not required last year to adjust their reception equipment and, unlike residences served by collective antennas, did not receive financial support from the government.

To avoid interference, viewers have to install a filter, typically costing between €50 and €80, between their TV set and antenna.

The cost of installation is being met by the telecom operators (Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange, using 800MHz), but only for the first six months after they have launched 4G services.

Fecotel, which represents telco installation companies in Spain, has called the measures currently being used to reduce interference as “inadequate and inappropriate”.