Cisneros adds senior TV content creator to management


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 04 August 2015

Cisneros Studios, the US-based production house of Cisneros Media, has recruited Vladimir Perez, currently VP of content development, to its creative team, where he takes on the role of executive producer for Hispanic content. He reports directly to Juan Carlos Sosa, executive VP of operations.

"Vladimir's integration completes the first phase of the revamping of the production team that was initiated when I assumed responsibility of the Miami studios," said Sosa. "Vladimir is an experienced executive who efficiently mixes his creative talents with his management skills."

The Venezuelan executive has more than 30 years in the industry, accumulating over 60 programmes, many achieving national and international success. He's a specialist in dramatic series and variety shows, juvenile and teen series, sitcoms, game shows and musicals, among other genres.

Highlights of his repertoire include Club de los Tigritos and the youth series De sola a sol, Entre tú y yo, Jugando a Ganar, Compartiendo el Destino, and most recently the musical series Somos tú y yo, which became a multimedia phenomenon for the Venevision network.

Perez is a graduate of Universidad Central de Venezuela, having attended its School of Communications as well as its School of Statistical Science.