Uruguay-Clarín conflict to delay DTT transition


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 04 August 2015

More obstacles are delaying the already late DTT transition process in Uruguay, as the conflict between Clarín group and the state has ended up in a verdict annulling the latest spectrum reorganization law which was approved last year.

"I don't want Clarín, Globo or Carlos Slim to become owners of Uruguay's telecoms," said José Mújica, former president and supporter of the law, who didn't hide the fact that the intention of the regulation was to protect the national industry.

After Clarín's official complaints about the effect such a law would have on its pay-TV subsidiaries, Cablevisión and Visión Satelital, Uruguay's administrative court, TCA, has annulled the regulation and reorganization of the spectrum and the new digital signals which were approved together with Clarín's restrictions.

The analogue switch-off, initially scheduled for the beginning of 2015 and then delayed until December, will see now have a new date, which has to be discussed and published by the Tabaré Vázquez's new government.