German media regulator quashes RT Deutsch bias accusations


Joseph O'Halloran

| 05 August 2015

Following an inquiry, the media authority of Thuringia (TLM) Germany has found no breach of legislation pertaining to the broadcast of RT Deutsch's show The Missing Part (Der Fehlende Part) by Salve.TV.

The Missing Part has been broadcast on since November 2014. In the daily talk show, experts are invited to the studio to discuss the pressing issues of the day that are overlooked by the local mainstream media.

The probe had been initiated following claims of the show's bias made by local politicians. However TLM ruled that it had no objections to the regional German TV channel airing the programme. "Variety of information sources and media freedom is an utmost value in Germany," said TLM director Jochen Fasco in his ruling.

During the enquiry Salve.TV co-owner Klaus-Dieter Boehm defended his channel's editorial policy and said that German TV viewers were free to make their own choice as to whether to watch the programme or not. "We are astounded that our channel's broadcast of RT's programme received such massive support, which is evidenced by the letters we are receiving. We have never seen anything like this before," he commented