ATEME teams with Fox for HDR Ultra HD first


Joseph O'Halloran

| 05 August 2015

Video processing firm ATEME and Twentieth Century Fox have enhanced development of the former's TITAN Software Transcoder range to enable distribution of films in Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

20 Century Fox SDR vs HDRATEME claims that Ultra HD with HDR will change the future of entertainment and that its new collaborative technology enables 'stunning' picture quality and true-to-life colours. On 18 July 2015, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release the films Life of Pi and Exodus: Gods and Kings in UHD with HDR. The company has a stated policy of finishing all future theatrical releases in Ultra HD.

"Twentieth Century Fox has worked closely with ATEME to fine-tune the TITAN transcoder and add custom features," said Hanno Basse, chief technology officer of Twentieth Century Fox and President of the UHD Alliance. "As the specifications and standards evolve, ATEME's flexibility in modifying and implementing new features, combined with TITAN's high video quality, enabled Fox to be the first to market with a new viewing experience."

"We are excited to partner with Fox in setting a new standard for premium video quality," added ATEME CEO Michel Artieres. "Continuous investment in video compression research is in ATEME's DNA. Our commitment to standardisation bodies, as well as tight cooperation with our ecosystem partners, has positioned us as a trusted technology advisor to Fox Home Entertainment. We are excited to further demonstrate our leadership in the implementation of the HDR standards as they are released and look forward to widespread availability of Ultra HD with HDR content."