Viewster, the worldwide video streaming service, is launching branded channels, a new offering to bring a large volume of highly curated short form content to its global audience.

The new content includes Mondo Media’s Happy Tree Friends and Dick Figures, and additional channels featuring the bizarre and amusing facts of AllTime10s and the topical How It Should Have Ended, an ongoing parody animation series that provides new endings to popular movies.

Viewster will announce the launch of more digital-first channels from gaming, animation and entertainment in September. All channels are available free worldwide through Viewster’s advertising-supported desktop, mobile and smart TV apps, with regular updates.

“Digital-first content, as we are now proud to offer in our Branded Channels, is an exciting window into the future of entertainment,” said Azadeh Stoelken, director of content at Viewster.

“We picked these amazing channels to complement our existing anime, science fiction and thriller offerings for our d