TDCís YouSee lost 51,000 subscribers in the year to June 30, while its Norwegian operation Get gained 10,000 during the same period.

Results published by the Danish telco show that TDCís brand TV customer base grew by 12.4% to 271,000 in the year to June 30 and its ARPU fell by 3.2% to DKK306 (Ä41).

YouSee, on the other hand, saw its customer base eroded by 4.4% to 1,113,000, though ARPU rose by 3.8% to DKK243.

YouSeeís losses were attributed to both individual customers and antenna associations, including one of the latter with a low ARPU (-14,000) in Q1 this year.

The group has 1,394,000 retail TV customers in Denmark as of the end of the first half, down from 1,415,000 in the same period last year.

Meanwhile in Norway, Get ended Q2 with 426,000 TV subscribers, up 2.4% on the 416,000 posted a year earlier. Residential ARPU rose by 2.6% to NOK280 (Ä31) over the same period.

TDC notes that the latter was driven mainly by increased subscription fees that came into effect at the beginning of this year.

TDC Groupís revenues in the first half amounted to DKK12,223 million (Ä), down from the DKK11,443 million posted in the same period last year.

EBITDA stood at DKK4,887 million (DKK4,805 million) and its profit was DKK1,081 million (DKK2,115 million).